PARSISIŲSTI – Lietuviškas aprašymas


Through Bonsai I have been taught many things, they display the beauty of nature in all four seasons and the majesty, grace and power of trees surviving in the harshest of conditions; some thing which helps me in mylife. I have been doing Bonsai for 30 years and love it so much that I have created a museum to display Bonsai. It is my wish to spread the beauty of Bonsai world wide, to do so I try hard to teach the art to my apprentices from Japan and from the rest of the world.

Japan Professional Artist Exhibition
・Prime Ministers Award – 1989, 92, 99, 2001
・Ministry of Education Award – 1994, 96
・Ministry of Agriculture Award-1995
・Ministry of Environment-2000
・Mainichi Newspaper Award – 1997
・Japan Full Bloom Award (Satsuki) – 1985, 90
・Japan Bonsai Association Award-1998
National Exhibition
・Worked on an unprecedented 16 Kokuften Prize winners
・Helpedover 200 clients to displaytheirtrees
Professionals Satsuki Exhibition
・Kojuten Taisho (First Place) 1992, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010
International Artand Culture Award – Japanese Culture Promotion Assoc. – 2001
・Culture Promotion Award – Edog Award – 1989, 1999

Salvatore Liporace, Kestutis Ptakauskas, bonsai studija, LithuaniaSALVATORE LIPORACE

Versatile and innovative bonsai artist, in 1986 he has founded the Studio Botanico in Milan, the first space in Europe entirely dedicated to the teaching of Bonsai, that is considered a reference point for experienced bonsai enthusiasts from around the world.

In the Ninetines he specializes during several study trips in Japan, at master Masahiko Kimura’s garden.

As a professional bonsai artist, he has been invited by the main international bonsai associations to hold seminars, speeches and demonstrations. Besides, he has received prestigious international awards all over the world.

At the beginning of the new millennium he has established the European Bonsai School, active in Italy, France, Spain, Brasil, Argentina and other countries.

He has written articles on the main international bonsai magazines.


Co-Founder of Black Scissors Community

Started doing and collecting Bonsai in 1979. Have permanent exhibit center with over 500 Bonsai collection in wide variety of species.

Have won more than 200 competition awards nationally as well as international

Nick name: The Eagle Eyes, for his outstanding ability of finding the hidden potential design of bonsai materials.

Well-known to his unique bonsai design concept through the aesthetic and horticultural approach.

Intensively travelling around the world conducting Bonsai and Penjing teaching, lectures, demos, workshops and judging.

Ex-Secretary General of Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation (ABFF); and Director of Education Dept.
Indonesia – China Penjing Communication Ambassador of China Penjing Artists Association.
Initiator and one of the founders of “ International Bonsai Art & Culture Biennale”; the first ground breaking bonsai event with a new concept of Multimedia Bonsai Presentation, a collaboration between bonsai and other art forms.
Initiator of “Indonesian Bonsai Artists Community” – KOSBI.

First book “Vision of My Soul” was published in April 2005 in luxury limited edition as one of the best seller Bonsai books; has been reprinted and out of print now.
Second book “Mission of Transformation” was published in 2009 and is out of print now.
Coming books: “The Five Schools of Chinese Penjing”, “FAQ of Bonsai – The Path to Beyond”, “An Idiot Guide to Bonsai” and “PanduanEstetikaSeni Bonsai”.


Carlos van der Vaart lives in Holland, he was born in Maassluis, a city near Rotterdam.

He works for a half a week as an interim manager and for another half of a week in his bonsaistudio “TheBonsaiFactory”; which was founded in 2010, a few years after opening his bonsaishop “” in 2007.

Carlos began to take interest in bonsai when he bought a small tree at a local flowershop, this was in 1992. He started to read all the books that where available and joined a local club.

After winning the European New Talent competition in Germany in 1996, he got more and more involved in the bonsaiscene.

Almost all his trees won different National and International Awards. He has performed many workshops and demonstrations all over Europe and other Continents. Because of his many travels he has refined his technique and knowledge in bonsai; Pines and Junipers are his favorite.

For Carlos bonsai has become a way of life.


Rob has been doing bonsai for a quarter of century. His bonsai art reflects both his technical background and his assimilation of many bonsai styles that he has observed while traveling across the globe. Living in Florida, the USA, his large collection contains both tropical and semi-tropical trees. Some of his favorite species are Willow Leaf Ficus, Buttonwood and Japanese Black Pine.


He enjoys sharing his art. He’s had trees on display at the World Bonsai Show in Washington DC in 2005, at the BCI Conventions in Saint Louis 2004, and Orlando 2002, at the American Bonsai Society Show in Saratoga NY in 2006, at the all of the North American Bonsai Exhibitions in Rochester, NY, and several “Bonsai Society of Florida”shows. For the past many years he has displayed trees at the Walt Disney World EPCOT Bonsai display.

He’s provided several articles to bonsai magazines and has published an introductory book about the art of bonsai. “Introduction To Bonsai, Growing and Appreciating Bonsai Across the Globe.” He also wrote the forward to Zhao Qingquan’s new book “Penjing: The Chinese Art of Bonsai: A Pictorial Exploration of Its History, Aesthetics, Styles and Preservation.” Rob has conducted many demonstrations and workshops across the USA and in the UK, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico.

Due to his career in the US Space Program he has had lots of leadership experience and has applied that to various bonsai organizations. He was the President of Bonsai Clubs International. He also served in variety of roles for local Florida bonsai organizations.


VáclavNovák was born on the 27th January 1952.

In 1990 he established the Bonsai centre in his native town Libochovice. He and his partner Karel Kalouš were setting up gardens, carrying on nursery and, of course, growing bonsai.

Since 1999 he devoted himself only to bonsai growing. He organizes seminaries, demos and exhibits his bonsai trees. He makes demos and workshops in England, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Mexico, Brazil, China, South Africa, Vietnam, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, etc.).

His interest in bonsai growing arose after the lecture of Mr. Hideo Kato (Japan) which was held in Prague in 1982. At first bonsai growing was only his hobby but later it also became his job.

He is also co-founder of Bonsai Club Libochovice. It was founded in 1990. The Czech Bonsai Association was founded in 1997on his initiative. He was elected its president on the establishing convention of CBA. CBA was accepted 1998(as the first member from former eastern European countries) into EBA.

CBA was charged with the arranging of the 19. EBA-ESA congress in 2003.

This congress was held in Jihlava. In May 2004 in of 20th EBA Congress in San Marino was elected as EBA board member as technical adviser. Is first
vicepresident EBA now.

You can see bonsai trees of VáclavNovák in the catalogue of the 4th World
Bonsai Exhibition 2001 from Munich and also in the catalogue Gingo Awards n.1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, catalogue Premio Olea 2005 and different Bonsai Magazines or

bonsai.ltWang Xuan Ming

Was born in Kaifeng, China.

He used to be a doctor, but left his career as doctor to be a penjing artist in 1995.

He loves Chinese traditional arts and has being involved in Chinese penjing for more than 30 years.

He was Vise-President of China Penjing Artists Association for three terms and constantly giving lectures and writing articles on Chinese penjing art and being the judge in many events.

He was Vise-President of China Penjing Artists Association for three terms and constantly giving lectures and writing articles on Chinese penjing art and being the judge in many events. He was presented as Penjing Master by the China Penjing Artists Association in 1994.
He used to work on deciduous penjing, especially the unique weeping style; but since 1996, he also started to work on conifers.
He appreciates the natural beauty and the original characters of trees, and he is implying aesthetic approach to his penjing creation beside technical aspects.


Born in Bari on March 2, 1978 where he lives and works in part, has over twenty-year experience in growing bonsai, particularly in the maintenance and renovation of old specimens. Thanks to the studies in Agriculture, he is an expert in plant pathology and agronomic techniques applied to crops bonsai, physiological problems resulting from interventions setting and improved recovery techniques of vigor and plant disease were advanced.

Luca Bragazzi is a national instructor for IBS and an international instructor of Bonsai Club International. His examples are winners of numerous national and international awards with juries Japanese. He cares numerous private collections and provides advice to fans and dealers. He writes articles for national and international journals and lectures in Italy and abroad and is a speaker in the major Italian and European congresses. He is currently the President and Head of the teaching for IBS.


Her active interest in Bonsai in 1988 and suiseki starts in 1990. First Italian on the Board of Directors of EBA (European Bonsai Association) was a treasurer for 4 years from 1991 to 1994.

BCI Ambassador, since 2003 has been elected the Director of the BCI (Bonsai Clubs International) in charge of suiseki in Europe. Recently the Chair person for BCI Convention committee.


Since 1990 she has travelled to several European countries, the USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Vietnam and participated to workshops, and courses of the most important Bonsai and Suiseki Masters : Naka – Nakamura – Suzuki – Imazumi – Noelanders- Terakawa – Lewis – Barton – Metaxas – Benz

Has organized and taken part in many national exhibitions and the first European Congress held in Turin 1990 with Masahiko Kimura honor guest.
Promoter of the first Bonsai School in Italy with Japanese Masters (Susumu Nakamura and Hideo Suzuki), and assisted in the setting up the of the first Bonsai Instructors register.

During more than 20 years founder member of some Italian Bonsai and Suiseki clubs – writing their Bylawsand Board member with different appointments: President, Secretary, Treasurer, General director, etc.
Founder member of Bonsai and Suiseki Clubs and Associations (writing the bylaws) and contributed to the organization of the IBS – National College of Bonsai and Suiseki Instructors, taking the role of President from 1999 to 2008. At present she is the Chairperson for the IBS ethical and didactic committee for suiseki.

Her articles have appeared in the French, American, Spanish, English, Swiss, and Chinese magazines. She won the “BCI artist, writer, photographer award” in 2003 and is an adviser for the “Global Bonsai and Stone collection” magazine, published in China.
She started to collaborate with articles to BCI Magazine since 1996.
For many years she has held lectures, courses and demonstrations in Italy and abroad both for Clubs and important national and international
The most important ones : USA – Harrisburg Suiseki Symposium 2004 –
Mistal Convention Tarragona Spain 2005 –
International Conventions in Lithuania 2006, Czech Rep. 2007 and China during the Master stone collectors Festival Shanghai 2005 –
Viewing Stone Convention in Baishan 2011 – China
BCI Conventions in USA 2009 – 2011 – 2012
BCI Convention Yangzhou (China) 2013 – Penjing Forum – Xi’an (China) 2013
In 2011 and 2012 she gave suisekilectures in many Clubs in USA (Pennsylvania- Ohio – Kentucky- Minnesota- Texas- Colorado – California) and Canada, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico .

She has studied in Europe, America, Japan and China, and takes part in national and International shows, exhibiting stones from her collection. Some of them have won important prizes, such as “BCI 2008 excellence award” and have been published in books and catalogues. Founder of the first Italian suiseki school “Suiseki& C.”, holding courses in Italy which are attended by students from various countries.
In 2009 she received a Golden medial of World Bonsai Convention 2009 – San Juan – Puerto Rico, given to few people around the world for their merit to promote Bonsai and Suiseki.



Descanso Bonsai Society—President 2004-2006

Membership – past and present
Ann Arbor Bonsai Club 1987-89
Descanso Bonsai Society 1989-2007
Cleveland Bonsai club 2007-2015
Aiseki Kai
Bonsai Clubs International—Former Board member and former Treasurer

Descanso Bonsai Society—Board Member
Descanso Bonsai Society—Vice President
Descanso Bonsai Society—President 2004-2006

Exhibited bonsai at Ann Arbor Bonsai club annual show
Studied Bonsai with Ted Mattson, Melba Tucker and Jim Barrett
Taught at workshops for beginners at Ray Nagatoshi at Fuji Bonsai Nursery
Taught bonsai styling for beginners at Huntington Gardens Bonsai-a-thon
Exhibited bonsai pots at Huntington Gardens Bonsai-a-thon as a featured artist
with Jim Barrett, Kathy Boehme, Marge Blasingame, and others
Exhibited bonsai pot for Crespi Cup competition in Parabiago, Italy
Exhibited bonsai at Descanso Bonsai Society annual shows

Bonsai Demonstrator
Descanso Bonsai Society annual show, Los Angeles, California
Arboretum Winter Silhouettes show, LA Arboretum, club competition
with Jim Barrett and Kathy Benson in Arcadia, California
Inland Empire bonsai club
Japanese garden in Van Nuys, California

Suiseki, BCI medal of excellence, Louisville, Kentucky BCI annual convention,
Suiseki and bonsai , Cleveland Bonsai Club shows
Suiseki at the Denver, Colorado, BCI annual convention
Suiseki, Roccalvaldina, Sicily 2009
Speaker for Cleveland Bonsai Club on Chinese bonsai and viewing stones
Speaker for Cleveland Bonsai Club on Vietnamese bonsai and viewing stones

Attended numerous demonstrations on Bonsai by artists such as Ben Oki, John Naka, Lindsay Shiba,Harry Hirao, Bruce and YaekoHisayasu, Denny Roche, Barbara Cambell, Warren Hill, Marge and Ray Blasengame, Kathy Benson, Kathy Shaner, Cheryl Manning, Melba Tucker, Willi Benz , Cesareo Perez, Chase Rosade, Vaughan Banting, Marco Invernizzi, Bjorn Bjornholm etc.

Attended lectures on stones by Toy Sato, Larry and Nina Ragle, Jim Greaves, Cliff Johnson ( daiza carving), Willi Benz, Tom Elias, Chiara Padrini
Attended courses on Suiseki organized and taught by Chiara Padrini in Italy, including daiza making with Andrea and Mirella Schenone.

Bonsai studija, Black Scissors


Wlodzimierz Pietraszko was born on the 1957. He is living in Wroclaw- capital province of Lower Silesia. In 1983 He copleted his study at University of Environmental and Live Sciences in Wroclaw as a M.Sc.and Engineer of Agriculture. Between 1983 and 1990 He was working for Provincial Department of Agriculture and as well from 1986 He started to handle his own nursery.

Official, formal function:
International Bonsai Instructor BCI
Initiator and President of Polish Bonsai Club from 1998 to 2002
Initiator and President of Polish Bonsai Association from 2002 up to now
Initiator and lecturer in Bonsai Academy in Wroclaw (Poland)
Initiator and owner of Bonsai Centrum Wroclaw.
28 articles about bonsai in floristic magazines
46 telecast for TV station: TVP1, Polsat, TVN
Demonstrations on international exhibitions:
Brasil, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Poland , San Marino, Spain, Slovakia.


Owner of the Akina Bonsai Centrum, born in 1972 in Wałbrzych, Poland. One of the first bonsaists in Poland, initiator of Bonsai Poland Club. Polish representative and presenter while numerous shows and exhibitions aboard.

Having completed specialistic training courses in Milano he became the winner of many international prizes. Oriental gardens specialist. Organised various workshops on shaping trees and scrubs with the aid of bonsai techniques.