Lithuanian Bonsai Association, a member of Black Scissors Community, will host the first international Black Scissors convention in Alytus, Lithuania, the 2nd – 4th September 2016 in collaboration with the 5th Japanese Culture Festival. This bonsai event has a new horizon with a new spirit – the spirit of Black Scissors!

Black Scissors is a symbol of the new worldwide bonsai culture movement. The mission is to promote the spirit of respectful bonsai sisterhood, the spirit of enthusiasm to explore new ideas, the spirit of freedom to create and to express,the spirit of motivation to encourage and to share creativity of bonsai art to lift bonsai art to a higher level and to give it a new perspective.

Two fingerspointing downwards or forwards is the Black Scissors greeting sign.

A total of 21 international bonsai organizations from 15 countries have joined the mission of Black Scissors Community through its Bonsai Sister Community program to strengthen the sisterhood collaboration with intensive interactions between members of all level in bonsai activities and programs.

This event is the first step of our long journey to promote a new perspective of bonsai art. Through our concept, we believe, a new culture of world bonsai community is born with sisterhood atmosphere, creative inspiration and motivation, expressing new spirit… and new bonsai fun!

Alytus, also called the Lithuanian capital of bonsai is located, in Southern Lithuania. Surrounded by picturesque forests and verdant hills, Alytus is traversed by the 16 kilometer-long river Nemunas loop. The loop divides the city into two parts. Green areas occupy more than one third of the city. The city is proud of its traditions, culture, extraordinarily beautiful nature and its hospitable and sincere people.

Druskininkai city, Alytus neighbor resort town built around springs with allegedly healing powers. This is where the visitors of our event will also be invited to stay. Located in a forest, the resort is full of nature with many trees, flower gardens, parks, several lakes and two rivers at its limits. The city offers a wide variety of hotels with spa, well-being facilities, a water park, an indoor skiing complex and much more to make your stay unforgettable.

See you and let’s have fun in Alytus!

Mosaic Black Scissors